Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Elementary and Middle Lesson Plans

January 13, 2017





Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Monday. Here are a few classroom ideas.

Elementary  and Middle School Lesson

With MLK Day approaching, take some time to create a calendar for the classroom that honors American heroes.

Several United States holidays celebrate the accomplishments of noted Americans such as George Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr. Work with a group of students to compile a list of these national holidays. Then use the list to create a calendar or other type of display that shows the dates of the holidays, the name of the person being honored, and a brief statement about the person’s contribution to the freedom and unity of America. Illustrate the calendar and display it in the classroom.

High School Lesson Plan

Read the letter King wrote on April 16, 1963, while he was imprisoned in Birmingham Jail during America’s Civil Rights movement. Paragraphs 11-13 are of particular importance to our exploration of Natural Rights.

  1. Summarize the main points of the letter.
  2. Record references King makes to historical religious and legal thinkers on natural law and natural rights.

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