An Introduction to America’s Founding Philosophy as Inspired by Bible-Based Ideas

December 11, 2016

Studies show that Americans in recent generations have become increasingly uninformed about the principles and ideas that have shaped the United States (see blog on “America’s Increasing Ignorance”). Even fewer Americans understand or agree that our nation is founded on principles largely rooted in Bible-based or Judeo-Christian thought.

History tells us that we are a nation and people distinctly shaped by the Bible’s teachings. Our government, society, and values all reflect this influence. At the same time, America is not a theocracy. It separates church and civil government and embraces free thought, free speech, debate, and religious freedom for all. Some call ours a Christian nation, yet we have no national religion. Others call it a secular society, yet we pledge “one nation under God.” This seeming contradiction is often misunderstood and misrepresented.

What is the American ethic? Where does it come from? How does the Bible relate to this ethic, if at all? How would we describe or present America and its principles to a citizen, student, immigrant, or foreigner?

The American Heritage Education Foundation (AHEF) and AHEF President Angela E. Kamrath have endeavored to objectively, independently research and answer these questions in order to preserve and continue the advancement of America’s civilization. The research undertaken by Kamrath is documented and summarized in her book, The Miracle of America: The Influence of the Bible on the Founding History and Principles of the United States of America for a People of Every Belief. The findings allow every American free thought and choice to contemplate and decipher America’s influences for themselves and to arrive at their own conclusions. Such critical evaluation is in the best historical tradition of America.

AHEF believes it is important that citizens learn and teach America’s philosophical heritage—including its Bible-based or Judeo-Christian heritage—because it protects the rights, freedoms, and dignity of all individuals in our society, regardless of our personal religious beliefs.

We hope that this blog, drawing from this research as well as from other sources and contributors, will help citizens and teachers learn about and share America’s founding principles and ideas so that we, the people, may perpetuate our God-given rights and freedoms for future generations in America and the world. Without citizens’ learning of America’s positive founding principles and values, the American idea and our self-governing republic by the people cannot survive as originally founded.

From American Heritage Education Foundation.

Source: Kamrath, Angela E. The Miracle of America: The Influence of the Bible on the Founding History and Principles of the United States of America for a People of Every Belief. Second Edition. Houston, TX: American Heritage Education Foundation, 2014, 2015.

Published by: The Founding

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